Music to Take You Somewhere

Ambient relaxing music for focus and chill. Soundscapes for contemplation and sleep.

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Release Notes

Released on Sept 23, 2022.

Written, composed and self-produced by Mark Koester

Original Cover Design by Mark Koester

Stellar Mammals Production 2022

Checkout out for additional artwork and music.

  1. Explorers
  2. Salton Sea, California
  3. Dreamy Chances
  4. Readiness
  5. Oceanscape
  6. Sweet Sunset
Liner Notes

This is my first album and it was entirely created on a Mac laptop computer using Ableton Live DAW to control and mix digital instruments using (mostly) stock audio effects. Much of it was riffed and written on my first MIDI keyboard, AKAI MPK mini.

Several tracks were started and include signficant contributions from tools such as VCV Rack, Novation Circuit Tracks, Decent Sampler, SpitFire Audio’s Labs, TAL-U-No-LX, Auxy (iOS), AUM (iOS), Valhalla’s SuperMassive, Sonic Pi, and many others unlisted.

A big mental unlock to finish this album came from this blog post on Four Tet’s music creation and production setup.

Special thanks to…
  • Raleigh Tomlinson for her care and love as well as support and tolerance of my eccentric hobbies / self.
  • Jake Still for his inspiration, early support, listening ears and detailed music production feedback.
  • Drew Koester for some AI digital artwork assistance.
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