I have been teaching off and on for the last several years. I’m extremely passionate about learning and teaching. I think education is one of the most important and positive things we can do for the world around us–both individually and collectively.

Eventhough I’m currently not employed as a teacher, I still consider myself a teacher in sense of helping the people around me learn and grow. I hope to continue as a formal teacher someday soon in the future.

Teaching in China

While in China, I had the opportunity to teach several great groups of students on a variety of subjects. In terms of English teaching, I taught both oral English as well as English writing. On the technical side, I had the opportunitity to teach a few classes on Open Source Web Design (in particular Drupal). I also taught a seminar on European History and Culture.

Language-Corner.org: Group-learning Spaces

One of my biggest projects as a teacher was Language-Corner.org. This group-learning site was built over several years to help make learning more enaging for foreign language learners and to improve the ability of teachers interact with large groups in a today’s social media age. While the site is no longer under active development or usage, I’m extremely proud of the work acheived through this effort.

I think there is definitely a place in my heart for building a grass-roots educational platform for language studies–both as a way to make learning better for students but as as a way for teachers to interact more effectively.

Throughout the process of building Language Corner, I’ve contributed back various pieces of code, including Quizlet for Drupal and various features for OpenAtrium.

Along with building code and designing the site experience, I also blogged about the process and evolution. Here are some of my best posts:

Past Lessons:

There are a number of lessons I have developed and adapted over the past several years. A few in particular I find are quite effective teach tools. Here are some of my favorites: