I spend a lot of time traveling. There are various reasons for this. The work-travel mix has come to define my life and lifestyle.

Travel helps me understand the world and people around me. It helps me understand business opportunities and changing realities. It also helps me learn foreign languages, one of my personal passions and hobbies.

Over the last couple years, I’ve been able to craft a delocalized business such that I am essentially able to work from anywhere with an internet connection. For example, I’m writing this with iced coffee in hand from the warm weather shores of Malaysia.

There are a lot of terms you can throw at this type of lifestyle: traveling freelancer, location independent living, or digital nomad. For me, I personally define this adventure as a “traveling entrepreneur,” i.e decoupling my life from a single place and working digitally across various timezones, languages and horizons.

I could write a lot about how to manage this type of life and business, which hope to write about in the coming months.

With my moniker defined, I’m going to try an experiment: while I travel, I will be attempting to write short pieces about the merits, wonders and challenges of working and visiting the different countries and places I am currently in.

Welcome to the storied reality of a traveling entrepreneur.

Cover Photo Credit: Personal image available here.