[![][2]][2] Over this past week or so I’ve finally successfully navigated a complicated legal issue with my current boss. Through various methods I was able to squeeze out without too many scratches, and a new chapter here in China is opening as is the road in the form of some “much deserved” traveling. I’ll be traveling to Taiwan (See [CIA Factbook][2] & [Wiki][3]) at the end of the week. Here’s a collection of articles and noteworthy fragments. Bon lecture! **Weekly Articles **

General News-Oriented
[Haste, Scorned: Blogging at a Snail’s Pace][4]. This articles looks at how breakneck, constantly updated blogging is losing its place to other applications (like Twitter) and how more bloggers are embracing the slow movement’s philosophy of time-well-spent quality over time-efficiently-employed quantity.

[A ‘Wealth Effect’ in Reverse][5]. This article from the Wall Street Journal analyzes how the current economic/financial crisis is also tied into the “wealth effect” or how people generally adjust their spending in relation to changes in their wealth (in the form of housing and stocks).

[Ahead for Obama: How to Define Terror][6]. As Obama heads to the Oval office, he has to find a new, more hybrid way of defining the “war” on “terror” in order to incorporate the intertwining legal, political and criminal nuances of fighting these various groups across the globe.

[The Housing-Bubble and the American Revolution][7]. A history lesson in how the American revolution wasn’t all just about ideology and “patriotic” ideas.

[Better Health for Religiously Observant][8]. While the exact causal reasoning is still unknown, a recent study has found that women that regularly attend religious services live statistically longer than those that don’t.

Abroad-Oriented: Focus China [Garden of Contentment. In a toxic era, a Hangzhou restaurant pursues purity][9]. A magical text about exotic adventure of one man in Hangzhou (the city I’m not living in) and his search for the essence of taste in “prelapsarian Chinese cuisine.”

[Reflections Of A Bridge Blogger][10]. This is a complicated reflection from a “bridge” blogger, who normally translates into English and posts important news on China, on how information gets out there–both positively and negatively through the Chinese blogshere and Western media.

[How China can be more than 350 Albanias][11]. While there are various geographical similarities between China and the United States, it is clear that people today are obcessed about the economic prowess and potential of China, and yet it should be noted that in spite of certain spectacular cities, China statistically remains small in terms of purcasing power (about the level of Albania).

[India Calling][12]. While ill-timed with the terrorist tragedy in Mumbai, this text looks at the number of American Indians who have returned to their parents’ homeland for business opportunities and for an adventure in local and globalized identities.

[A brave new world awaits][13]. According to the report Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World, it is predicted that “the unprecedented transfer of wealth roughly from West to East now underway will continue for the foreseeable future” along with a bunch of other futuristic possiblities.

[‘Brown clouds’ stir Asian conspiracy storm][14]. A previous post about certain brown clouds over Asia have seen some challenges from an Asian perspective.

** **Weekly Statistic **

50% or 25 out of last 50 trading days (between mid-September to Nov. 21) have seen the market move 4 percent or more (16 down, nine up) while the the previous 25 years experience just 25 daily moves of 4 percent or more. [Source][15]

Weekly Quote

“As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.”

  • Dick Cavett

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