[![][2]][2]I’m a newbie to blogsphere. I’ve had a blog since the end of November. That means I’ve been blogging for a mere 3 months. So it’s with great pleasure that I announce that two of my blog pieces were recently included in Carnivals. As far as I understand, blog carnivals are regroupings of blog pieces from across the web according to varying subjects. If nothing else, it means one or two more people read something I wrote.
So, the [Carnival of Liberals #58][2] is up. My piece [Should the National Anthem be changed?][3] *was included in this carnival. One of my two favorite pieces that I read was [Greta Christina’s piece][4] on why and why you should judge your president candidates according their religion and the use of religion in their politics. The other was by John Brown from Kansas entitled *[An Open Letter to Obama][5].
[The Carnival Economics and Social Policy – XLIV][6] is online at [Boring Made Dull][7]. My favorite piece was [Citing Faltering Economy, Lawmakers to Forego Cocktails][8] posted at [Avant News][9], which comments on the proposed policy to eliminate free booze at federal government events aimed at saving $$$. My piece [The Future of Economic, Political, Socio-cultural, and Ethical Interconnections: What if all borders were abolished?][10] was included, and the following comment:

Interesting. But, at the end of the day, nations are more than borders; they are distinct cultural groups. While a cultural group can assimilate and adapt to new immigrants over time, that capacity is not infinite.

There’s also the question begging associated with who has the ability to abolish borders. For all of the lip service paid to the U.N., no national government recognizes their authority as supreme; and if they do, it’s only because those specific actions bolster the local regime. Enforcement of any U.N. directive occurs only if the U.S. Armed Forces is directed to do so. Otherwise, it’s strictly lip service only.
And what if individual localities don’t go along with the program? Think that the Saudis are going to let someone build a synagogue or church in Mecca anytime soon?
Or for that matter, on a more practical level, anybody see Putin giving up power? Cause the U.N. Says so? Righty-ho, then.
But these are purely practical considerations. The larger question is whether or not life without borders is possible. Conservatively, I tend to think not; the state is a construct on the larger edifice of culture; cultures are shared history, languages, and worldviews.
As much as we’d like, there’s no shot that we can give the world to make the vast majority of people in the mold of Adam Smith or Edmund Burke.

If you’re someone who blogs about liberalism or economics and wants to participate in a blog carnival, check out the submission forms and guidelines for the [Carnival of the Liberals][11] and the [Carnival on Economics and Social Policy][12]. Keep reading! And, of course, keep blogging!

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